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About Us – Nosotros

We are family owned and locally grown.
A creative marketing and advertising agency located in Florida that’s equally comfortable in both General and Hispanic markets. We believe in cultivating relationships with the human behind the business. Slightly quirky, out of the box thinkers that thrive on late nights fueled by ice cream and mate. It goes without saying, we are so grateful and blessed to work in what we love to do!

Agency Warden / Musical Storyteller
Rodrigo Piñeiro

In-house charmer, smart ass and Business Director. Always brainstorming new ways to get the consumer's attention effectively. Responsible for providing the solution, creating the formulas of on-target marketing/advertising strategies and ensuring execution.

Creative Sorceress / Aspiring Nerd
Ximena Alfaro

An enchantress with the talent to make all things pretty! -Seriously. Analyzing the product and client facts while artistically designing functional concepts and effectively getting the consumer’s reaction. She provides ``the wow art factor`` and did we mention she’s obsessed with polka-dots!

Social Investigator / Trekking Explorer
Fernanda Piñeiro

Our international detective and social investigator, Fer’s a stickler for the details and delivers the facts. Providing on point research saving time and our client’s money -which they love! Plus she’s the big sister responsible for the upbeat energy and the organization of social media!

Partner in Crime / Client Whisperer
Arely Ruiz

She never sleeps and attends every event to be had. Arely puts Paparazzi Reputation in PR. She's a Chic Socialite offering clairvoyant branding and editorials that embellish our Client's features while single-handedly hosting their Galas and Charities. Follow her steps at arelypr.com

Digital Zen Master / Water Sport Guru
Gustavo Iturmendi

Our know-it-all...because he really has done everything from photography, radio, tv, to animation and all things digital. He's the client champion that develops not only websites but interactive, multimedia and creative digital campaigns, inegrating our clients and brands. Catch him also at 1980magazine.com

Graphic Pixie / Cookie Monster
Tatiana Sánchez

Our creative and open-minded, spark of creativity. She has the super power to translate any client’s needs into an eye-catching and impactful design. Count on her experience and knowledge as she brings to life gorgeous graphic solutions that will help turn your vision into a fantastic piece of art.

Our Amazing Clients